Software Engineer Training Startup Formation Raises $4 Million

Formation, a startup that supports diverse software engineers with specialized training and connect them with high-level tech positions, just raised a $4 million seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Sophie Zhou Novati co-founded Formation after holding senior engineering roles at Facebook and NextDoor. She told TechCrunch that coding boot camps tend to have more Black and Latinx students than traditional universities, but only around half the graduates land software engineering jobs — and not very well paid ones at that.

For this curation of must-read tech and innovation articles, the Plug In South LA Beat, let’s see how the startup uses adaptive learning to strengthen the tech talent pipeline:

Formation Raises $4M Led by Andreessen Horowitz to Train Truly ‘Exceptional’ Software Engineers

Photo: Formation co-founder and CEO Sophie Zhou Novati. Credit: Formation

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