Plug In South LA’s 2017 Founders’ Roundtable: A Roadmap to Success

Arlan Hamilton joins the Plug In South LA community to dive into the ins-and outs of Entrepreneurship.

Plug In South LA’s Founders Roundtable Summit: A Roadmap to Success
Being an entrepreneur, the startup process is often a personal journey, but there are typical milestones and challenges most people experience along the way.

This summit will gather Founders, Tech, VC and Digital Media Executives from around LA’s tech ecosystem to give actionable ideas on how to hit key milestones and goal posts, and how to bounce back when you sometimes fall short.

We’ll dive into issues such as how to go from Seed to Series A; trigger points to structure financing; fine tuning your product to maximize user experience and how to grow your partnerships to scale, and much more.Stay tuned for more program updates. Sign up now!

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