Netflix VP Opens Up about the Company’s Inclusion Strategy

Netflix just released a first inclusion report detailing representation within the streaming company — and plans to increase it. The driving force behind this push is Vernā Myers, vice president of inclusion strategy.

“If you look in the same places, you find the same people,” she told Wendy Lee in a Los Angeles Times Q&A. “The work for us is to look for excellence in places that we haven’t looked before.”

Part of Myers’ approach involves deploying an “inclusion lens” so that employees start to ask whose voice is missing and who is being excluded.

In today’s Plug In South LA Beat, our curation of relevant innovation and tech news, we’re getting closeup on how Myers is taking the inclusion lens to new levels:

Inviting New People to Make Stories. How this VP Is Pushing Netflix to Diversify

Photo: Vernā Myers. Credit:

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