The Plug In South LA Beat: Inside Planet FWD’s $2.7M Seed Funding

Julia Collins sees a growing consumer demand for climate-friendly foods — and wants to meet it. Her climate-focused snack startup Planet FWD recently announced $2.7 million in seed funding.

That seed round led by BBG Ventures with additional participation from a number of other investors was unique. Collins told TechCrunch that 99.5% of the funds came from people of color and/or women.

In this Plug In South LA Beat, our regular curation of innovation and tech news, we’re learning more about Collins’ approach. “When it came to the regenerative food landscape, nothing had been codified or mapped yet,” she said.

Find out how she went from a “little spreadsheet” to building a regenerative food platform and climate-friendly snack brand:

Zume Co-Founder Goes from Pizza to Climate-Friendly Food with $2.7 Million in Funding

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