Los Angeles Small Business Owners Share Their Pandemic Pivots

Holding meetings outside, going virtual, acquiring new skills, taking calculated risks — the pandemic is forcing entrepreneurs to pivot to survive. The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted how four local small business owners have adapted to difficult conditions.

One of them is Belva Anakwenze, the principal of Abacus Financial Business Management, a minority and female-owned boutique business management company. She described doing distanced client meetings in her driveway, navigating increasing costs, and embracing new working hours.

“We’re trying to take this thing one month at a time and just see,” Anakwenze told the Times. “Is it going to clear up? Is it going to get worse? So, we’re just trying to buy time and stay as nimble as we possibly can.”

In today’s curation of must-read innovation and tech news, the Plug In South LA Beat, we’re learning how Anakwenze and other business owners working in Los Angeles are responding to Covid-19 challenges:

Adaptation, Determination, Luck: How Four Small Businesses Are Surviving the Pandemic

Photo: Belva Anakwenze. Credit: Abacus Financial Business Management

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