Goodr Founder and CEO Reveals Her Fundraising Turning Point

Jasmine Crowe says that raising the first million dollars for her food waste management tech startup Goodr took more than 200 meetings.

Crowe founded Goodr, pronounced “good-er,” driven by the idea that hunger is a logistics issue. Her company securely tracks an organization’s surplus food from pickup to donation, providing real-time social and environmental impact analytics.

But the serial entrepreneur found her pitches repeatedly dismissed by cis White men who had never been hungry, she told CNBC. In this edition of our article curation series the Plug In South LA Beat, we’re discovering exactly how Crowe finally turned all that “no” into “yes”:

Goodr CEO Turned Her Passion into a Multimillion-dollar Business: ‘I’m Really Motivated by All the Naysayers’

Photo: Goodr founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe. Credit: Goodr

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