Grow Your Own Way: How to Scale Beyond Early Stages

As your business grows beyond the early stage, you will face new challenges and opportunities. We will discuss key stages your business goes through because there is no single way to scale. We will also give you actionable techniques on how to get from where you are today to where you need to be tomorrow. […]

Customer Success: Robust Sales & Lead Generation Strategies


Join us for an opportunity to discuss the many different ways to grow your business and your brand. Whether you leverage social media, LinkedIn, PR, testimonies, or paid ads, it’s important to meet your customer where they are. We’ll discuss how to talk to your early adopters - can you describe them? Have you completed […]

Negotiating the Best Terms with Investors at Early Stage


Your company has gotten interest from a VC, they’ve decided to invest, now what? When you’re ready to close with investors, do you know what terms to consider? Join us as we deep dive into all things terms, equity, and what’s best for your business at early stage compared to a series A.

Enhancing Your Business Operations


What do Operations look like for early stage founders? Having systems, processes, and operational infrastructure are important to prioritize in order to scale. Even more important, are operational excellence and metrics. Have you identified your KPIs and OKRs? Have you identified efficient business systems and processes to duplicate success? What about supply chain and inventory […]

Company Culture, Values, and Your Northstar


It’s never too soon to begin to set the tone of the company culture you want to foster for your employees. Whether you are a team of 2 or 10, it’s important to establish norms for employees to increase retention and performance. Join us to learn more about strategies to consider when building out your […]