We empower and advise the next generation of Black and Latinx founders and entrepreneurs.

We discover, advise, and enable those in this talented community, taking careers and ventures from possibility, to full-grown reality. Whether a founder with a start-up in Pre-Seed, Early Stage, or Later Stage, or a tech professional or Investor, becoming a Member of Plug In is for you.

Growth requires Fuel.
i.e Capital & Opportunity

Doing anything alone is a way of the past. To give startups the support they need, Plug In helps founders find these 2 types of fuel to ignite their projects. We recognize the under-tapped and undiscovered talent in the Black and Latinx community and help hone business plans, make connections, and support the path from early-stage to full grown business.

Join our community. We're excited to help you hit your 10x potential.

Through our Plug In Programs, we engage and empower Black and Latinx early stage entrepreneurs. We have 3 major programs. Our Tech Accelerator, the Power Huddle Pitch Series, and UTC Conference. But there’s much more.

Ongoing Resources

Week to Week Help

Month to Month Access to VIPs

Our 3 major programs specifically cater to Entrepreneurial Startup Nurturing within Plug In.

Our Tech Accelerator helps build unique and talented early-stage startups. Power Huddles help startups listen, learn, pitch, and get feedback from VCs and tech pros of various levels. UTC Conference unites founders with our greater community, connecting the network back together to align year-to-year. As the world changes and tech grows, so does our community.

Prepare to raise capital

Develop and frame business strategy and pitch

Define opportunities to grow and scale your business

Connect with local leaders for mentorship and guidance

Who We Work With

Pre Seed

Early Stage

Later Stage

Tech Pros

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Membership Testimonials

“Our inclusion in the Plug-In South LA accelerator was perfectly timed for StartingPoint. PISLA was able to help us move StartingPoint forward through perspectives from executives in Fortune 1000 companies, introduced us to amazing tech mentors, and we worked with a great cohort of founders all focused on supporting each other. The network is great. The facilitation is powerful. The growth we experienced accelerated us to the next level.”
"Participating in the Accelerator Program has been valuable in so many ways, and one of those was the opportunity to collaborate with our fellow founders."
"The Power Huddle series gives entrepreneurs a chance to workshop their vision with a hand-picked group of insightful founders and venture professionals without the added pressure of a formal pitch. It's particularly helpful for minority founders because we often lack the organic networks in tech that provide opportunities for open discussion and informal feedback. In an arena where access is the prime mover, there is tremendous value in the rare opportunity to just be heard."
Jibril Jackson
Founder, HYVE

Our Membership Programs

Tech Accelerator Program

Our Tech Accelerator Program stimulates opportunities for dynamic businesses and business owners in our Black and Latinx communities by enabling and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in South LA and other diverse communities around the country.

Power Huddle Pitch Series

Power Huddles are innovative, interactive series that cultivate the next generation of founders in Los Angeles and beyond, connecting them to mentorships, vital buiness resources, and an ever-growing entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Urban Tech Connect Conference

Urban Tech Connect is an annual conference for under-represented communities to plug in to the greater technology ecosystem and to network with other founders, VCs, angel investors, tech influencers, and industry leaders.

We Work With Leaders From