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Being a member of the Plug In community affords you access to several top-notch services and opportunities.

If you have a groundbreaking tech idea or are developing a digital business, Plug In is the number one location for you to house and grow your vision. Plug In is South LA’s premier in-house tech startup community. We provide a modern, exclusive space where talented entrepreneurs can work, collaborate and take their projects to the next level. Your network will skyrocket with smart, driven minds, from leading companies, across the nation. But that’s not it. In addition to putting you and your business in the best position to blossom, our other priority is mentoring, teaching and inspiring the next generation of South LA’s leaders through meaningful programs and relationships. Something big is happening in South LA. Join us and we’ll revolutionize an industry and a city together.

Being a member of the Plug In community affords you access to several top-notch services and opportunities.

24 Hour Access

Any time, any task.

Top-notch support

Our Program and community leaders and team leads provide meaningful support on a wide range of tasks, from setting up meetings to helping on projects and more.

Meet the world’s best

Grow your network and propel your business with solid connections to leading execs in the VC, tech, advertising and digital media industries.

Get connected

Meet and form connections with key decision makers from top companies nationwide. * (*Access depends on membership tier)

Next Level Networking

Gain easy access to Talk NYC/LA events, bringing together business leaders from around the nation to discuss tech and digital media innovation.

Make a difference

Quarterly workshops connect startup execs, mentors and bright students to inspire the next generation of tech industry innovators.

Insider Benefits


Build true relationships with other talented, driven entrepreneurs in the community, as well as key decision makers at some of the nation’s most successful companies.

Perhaps our greatest offering is the chance to help an underserved area thrive through teaching, mentoring and quite simply, being a model of success through entrepreneurship.



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